We Love the Relationships!

Our favorite part of being involved with teams is watching the relationships formed between the North Americans and the Guatemalans. Bro. Blake Hayworth is leading 24 people from Missouri to serve alongside our school and the pastors in our community.

A group of ladies and men have invested some precious time serving at the school and church during the past several days. The students have enjoyed getting to know them through the enjoyment of music, art, spa hour, tea parties, and lots of recess.

Iglesia JET hosted a brunch for the widows and a luncheon for the ladies this past Saturday. There were 24 widows and 37 women who enjoyed a delicious meal, worship, and a devotion by the North Americans. It was a very precious time for each of them. Several of the youth from the group shared their testimony with the teenagers of Iglesia JET. They all enjoyed eating pizza and nachos.

Pastor Adan was very encouraged to have the group join us in the morning worship. Bro. Jeffrey preached a very good word to the people in Iglesia JET. We had a good attendance with a sweet spirit.

The good news is our students will return to “normal” school hours on Wednesday! We are thrilled as this is much better for the students and teachers. Yesterday the teachers spend the day trying on uniforms for all of the students. Finally, it is going to be a normal school year!

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