We are busy this week with professional development for our teachers for three days. In October, Tess Scholz McClain, told me about this fantastic training she attended at her school. Trauma Free World is a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching how complex trauma for children impacts the brain, body, belief systems, behavior, and relationships. As we teach children, we want to be able to use resources to help identify trauma, empathize more, understand behavior, and change the child’s future. You can check out their organization at this website:

Last Friday, we celebrated Labor Day which meant the children did not come to school. About 3:00 on Friday afternoon, I passed one of our youth walking to the school’s soccer field. In conversation, I asked what he had eaten during the day. He replied, “Cornflakes for breakfast”. When we arrived at the soccer field, I asked the other 15 youth to tell me what they had eaten during the day. With the exception of one boy, all of them had only eaten breakfast or nothing at all. Coffee and Tortillas. An egg. Nothing. Needless to say, the youth ate a lot of pizza after their soccer game because I can’t handle thinking about a child being hungry.

Although professional development is important for our teachers, we also realize it means some of our children go without sufficient food. On Tuesday, all of the children left with vegetables, eggs, beans, rice, and oatmeal.

Is food important for our students? 100% Yes!

If you sponsor a child then you provide 2 meals per day for each child. If you give to our ministries then you help give all of the extra food given to so many of the children.

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