Coming Soon!

Every time I see our vehicles loaded with supplies, I always question if it is legal to drive this way! Chino, Edgar, and Daisy spent their Saturday buying supplies for the school. The inside of the truck was filled also. This was the first of the several shopping trips! They left the school at 9:00am, shopped in the city, returned to have the youth service, and then shopped locally to finish the list. They finished at 9:00pm!

We have been blessed with the finances to purchase a new vehicle! The double cab cargo truck will make it possible to buy all supplies at one time while making it so much safer! It will also prevent us from using our personal vehicles for transportation. We have needed this truck for a couple of years! Thank you to the people who gave in order to meet the need! Our new truck will arrive in April!

A paved road during rainy season! If you have been to Grace Mountain than you understand the conditions of the roads during rainy season. Thanks to some generous donors, we were able to pour concrete for the road and parking area of the school! No one will appreciate it more than our teachers! It will keep them from falling while riding the motorcycles during the rainy seasons. It will help keep things cleaner during the dry season also.

Due to some really hard workers and savvy financial people, we were able to use the designated money to concrete most of the road leading from the school to the mission house. We have about 85% of the road completed. We need approximately $3000 to finish the other part. Interested in helping? You can give online at

A basketball court! We are working hard to complete this basketball court within the next two months. The basketball court will have a covered awning and lights. This will allow the students to play during the rainy season and at night. The basketball court can also be used for soccer and volleyball! The students are very excited!

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