We Have Nothing!

It was 4:30pm and we were transitioning from working at the school to helping cook dinner for the team at the mission house. On this particular day, we received a phone call from the Education Supervisor of our community informing us a team would be at our school in the morning to determine whether or not we can reopen the school. There is not a “normal” day for us!

Chino received a text from Eric that simply stated, “Our house caught on fire and we have nothing. Can you help?” Chino and I drove to a house with a tearful 15 year old boy waiting for us. We saw piles of ashes. The family of 8 rented a tin house and a block room with a tin roof. The block room remained but the wood, tin, clothes, beds, and cats were all consumed in the fire. I asked Eric if any of the clothes were salvageable and he pointed to 3 pair of paints hanging on the laundry line. The fire was caused by bad electrical connection and the family was responsible for replacing the house.

The 9 year old twin girls also attend our school. They were clinging to their mother as tears ran down their faces. The girls, Sara and Ruth, attend school in the morning, and the teenage boy, Eric, attends school in the afternoon. Coincidentally, the girls stayed at the school until 4:00 this particular day. It was their first day for our “after school tutoring” program. If the girls had not been at the school then they would’ve been at home! The mother was so grateful the girls were at the school and not in the home.

I called a couple of the teachers who happened to be spending time with sponsors and sponsored families at the mall. They quickly bought clothes for the 3 students from our school. Another teacher and my dad bought some food for the family. Rosa, the cook for teams, cooked chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots for the family to eat a hot supper. One teacher donated a king size bed to keep the children from sleeping on the floor. Eric spent the following nights sleeping on Grace Mountain. One of the teachers offered to have the 2 girls spend the night with her but they did not want to leave their mom.

Within only a few hours, the teachers immediately met the needs of the family. Within the next few days, several other teachers bought new shoes and clothes for the students. Pastor Adan and Chino collaborated on ordering and delivering materials for 2 new houses. Exactly one week later, the family had 2 new houses! Our workers and teenage boys helped build the houses. The sponsors for the girls graciously agreed to help meet the needs.

We saw the need and we met the need! We did not have to look in the eyes of the children and tell them that we just couldn’t help them. Instead, we reassured the children that we will always be here to help them. The students sing a song titled “Jesus Christ is Enough”. We want the children to know that only Jesus Christ can fill the void. He is faithful. He is the ultimate provider. Jesus Christ is Enough! However, Christ has called us to put action with our talk. Christ allows us to be used to meet needs. Jesus Christ graciously allows us to hug them, love them, fill their small tummies, and proclaim “Jesus Christ is Enough”.

How are we able to help them? Because of people who give generously to GRACE and SLAM! People who give sacrificially and consistently to GRACE and SLAM! Because of YOU!

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