A Successful First Quarter!

Yesterday, we completed the first quarter of school! The teachers and students have worked very hard. The teachers are constantly working to find ways to close the academic gap for the students. Last year, there are several students who were struggling to be successful in reading and math, but it is refreshing to see the gains they are making after a lot of intervention. I even questioned several of the grades, but the teachers quickly explain the drastic improvement of the children. This is because of the commitment and hard work of the teachers, parents, and students.

The older students spent the afternoon playing kickball with the teachers. It was a much needed break and celebration from 8 weeks of school. I wish there was some way to send the sounds of laughter and cheers of the children to each of you.

We always want to make sure the children do not go without food during the break. Each family went home with a large bag of vegetables, 2 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of beans, and eggs. The biggest problem was they needed more hands to carry all of the food. They were happy campers!

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