Grilled Cheeses & Fruit Loops!

Our house has a revolving door! Thankfully, I come from a family who always has several extra seats at the kitchen table, a mom who cooks enough food for a small army, and a revolving door. The Lord was preparing me for a life of feeding extra people. My cooking style is a bit different from my moms–nothing fancy!

Some of the students from the school attend Wednesday night church service. They could go home and return to church, but instead they manage to hang out on the mountain and sit around our table for supper. If we are not busy, we will cook spaghetti, but most nights the menu is grilled cheeses! They fill their plates with Fruit Loops for dessert. Everyone posts pictures of their “charcuterie” boards, but we have been making these for a long time. Basically, the students eat a variety of things found in our pantry and fridge. Bread, tortillas, cheese, turkey slices, apples, chips, fruit loops, cookies, etc. If we don’t have paper plates then we use paper towels! Thankfully the youth have learned where everything is in the kitchen and a few of the girls cook for everyone and make the “charcuterie” boards.

Last night, Soy came upstairs to have supper. Too late! All of the food was devoured by extra guests. (Actually, it was Daisy’s fault for not cooking enough hamburgers!)

Does a few dollars really help SLAM or GRACE? A few dollars can help buy loaves of bread, cheese, fruit loops, turkey, and sweet tea for a bunch of hungry teenagers!

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