Youth Work Program!

We are now watching our young boys become young men. This is a good thing, but it also means they have more responsibility to provide for their families. To say we are having to strongly advocate for some of our young men to continue their education is an understatement. We understand the value of the young men in the work field. However, we also believe education will allow them to break the continuous cycle of poverty. We have been faced with trying to explain the importance of receiving an education while knowing they are simply needing food on their tables. The young men want to finish school, but they are obligated to help provide for their families also.

Some of our older girls struggle are responsible for helping provide for their family or completing a tremendous amount of household responsibilities. Some of our girls need to spend their weekends selling in the market which is not the most ideal place for young girls. Many of our girls struggle with coming to school because they are responsible for completing the house chores. We have provided job opportunities in the morning which allows them to help provide finances for their families.

At this moment, we have 3 young men and 3 young ladies working for our school. They work in the morning and study in the afternoons. We frequently provide small jobs with our students in order for them to help their families.

Next week, we will begin to pour concrete for our basketball court. We will be able to pay about 12 teenage boys to help us with the project. It is hard work but they are happy to receive the opportunity to work. During concrete week, they fall asleep during classes and beg not to study! Everyone leaves tired and happy!

When you give to our ministries, we are able to help the youth with job opportunities in a safe, loving environment. The youth do not want hand-outs, they simply want opportunities to earn the money. They take great pride in being able to help their families. You are part of helping them with this opportunity! If you give towards our ministries then you are being an advocate for our students. You are helping them provide for their families while receiving an education! 

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