Can $5 Make a Difference?

One day we are going to write a book on how God has used people to provide in phenomenal ways! Even in the midst of unknown and unwanted circumstances, He has been faithful. Obviously, we are going on 3 years with very limited teams using the mission house. The mission house generates revenue which helps us pay for operational expenses. Our fear is people will forget about all of the wonderful things happening on Grace Mountain. Out of Sight–Out of Mind!

Yet so many people continue to make financial donations towards our ministries. Your faithfulness in supporting our ministries helps us meet immediate needs. Whether it is $10 or $100, every penny goes directly to help in Guatemala. The next several blogs will be a few of how we are able to meet needs because of people giving to GRACE and SLAM.

Miguel was distracted during math class. His teacher noticed him not paying attention as she walked closed to his desk. He was desperately trying to repair his tennis shoes. How would he be able to play at PE without tennis shoes? One of the teachers simply walked to our supply closet and handed him a brand new pair of shoes. He was thrilled! The shoes cost us $7! Have you ever given just a few dollars and wondered if your donation really makes a difference? The answer is YES!

When Miguel hugged me and said “Thank You” my mind went back to this past December. We were at our home church and an older lady placed a $5 bill in my hand. She said, “It’s not much, but when I have a little extra I always try to give.” I knew the $5 was a sacrifice for the lady. As I looked at Miguel wearing his new pair of shoes, I thought about the $5 bill that basically bought the pair of shoes. If this sweet lady only knew the difference her $5 made in the life of a little boy.

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