Medical Clinic Coming Soon!

For many years there has been talk about a medical clinic. We are watching this dream become a reality! In January 2023 we will open a medical clinic on GRACE Mountain! This medical clinic will serve our students, their families, and the surrounding communities. There is definitely a need for basic medical care and health education among the people.

Dr. John Nicely, Sam, Nicely, Jacob Nicely, and Cristina Fugsleth graciously held a medical clinic for our school children and their families. They spent 2 days providing a medical clinic for 166 children. They were able to do a well check-up for every child! We have entered the information in a database for the future medical clinic.

Dr. John and Cristina have been coming for many years to serve in Guatemala. We loved how they talked about the difference among our children physically and emotionally. Our children did not have the normal infections or respiratory problems seen in so many communities! They examined their teeth and were pleasantly surprised at how the children had no major dental concerns. This is a result of consistent medical and dental care provided over the years! Thank you to each medical person who has served our children.

My favorite thing to hear was Mrs. Cristina talk about the joy seen in each child. She spent several days observing the children at the school, at church, and at the mission house. One mother told her “My teenage son doesn’t want to ever leave Grace Mountain.” How many teachers have to tell their students to go home? One of our biggest struggles is simply telling our teenagers to go home!

Dr. John, Sam, Jacob, and Cristina examined about 250 people within 2 1/2 days. They built 6 houses, attended church, played basketball with the youth, distributed food to 100 elderly, spent quality time with their sponsored children, and built a lot of relationships. This is another example of how God can use a small group to do great things!

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