A Lot of Activities on Grace Mountain!

I am going to be fired from my position of updating our social media and blogs! We have a lot of activities happening on Grace Mountain, but I am horrible at keeping everyone updated. Here is a quick summary of a few things happening on Grace Mountain:

Academics: The first class for the younger students begins at 7:30 and the final class for the older students end at 4:00! It is a full day of learning, playing, laughing, singing, and eating. We have worked out the kinks on how to use our teachers to teach multiple grades with very small class sizes. Our biggest obstacle is the limited amount of time. However, the children are happy and we are too!

Basketball Court: This is the beginning of a covered basketball court! Some generous people designated money to start the construction of the basketball court. It rains 6 months of the year so a covered area to play is very much welcomed. The children are very excited about this new addition to the school. Since it will be covered with a pavilion and have electricity, we will be able to use the area for a lot of activities. Do you want to be part of giving to towards the basketball court? Go to http://www.aglimpseofgrace.com and give under the Basketball Court tab.

Area for New Basketball Court

A New Road: The road from the main gate to the school has been needing concrete for a very long time. Last year our teachers rode their motorcycles through the trenches and the mud during rainy season. It is not unusual for a bus to be stuck because of the mud. Lots of cars have been stuck in the mud as well. Many times our children have to walk up the road because the bus simply can not travel the muddy road. A concrete road, paved parking area, and new draining will make this rainy season a lot easier! We have been able to provide our teenage boys with work this week. On Tuesday, they worked for 8 hours with concrete (they skipped school). Yesterday, the started working at 5:00am. At 11:00am, they had to go to class. They were falling asleep during class. This morning they started working at 6:00am! Hopefully, they will finish tomorrow. They are using the small concrete mixer and carrying wheel barrels of concrete to be poured. Why didn’t we just pay for a concrete truck to pour all of it? I can give you thousands of reasons!

Working on the Road

Iglesia JET Church: The church continues to grow! Pastor Adan thinks the best way to reach more people is to offer another worship service. This Sunday, the church will have 1 service in the morning and 1 service in the evening. Many people work on Sunday morning, but the afternoon schedule will benefit them.

Church Service

Vegetable Garden: Last year, we were provided a grant for a garden. We are experimenting with a small garden for the children. We have plans to increase the size of our garden in April.

Chickens: We have 100 chickens laying over 100 eggs each day. We are able to share the eggs with the families of our students and with our community. Do we make money? Nope. The purpose is to provide work for our students and an easy way to have food for those in need.

Lots of New Faces: We love seeing all of the new faces! We only had one new kindergartener with tears, but they are fading fast.

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