Professional House Builders!

This week there are 19 happy families sleeping in new houses! Curt and Sally Vruggink along with Jeff and Nancy Westendorp led a team representing people from several different states to serve alongside Grace Ministries. They were able to complete 12 houses within the first few days! This allowed them time to assist us with some more house building.

The rules to enter Guatemala have changed! Unfortunately, this caused several of our teams to cancel or readjust their dates to serve in Guatemala. Dave and Donna Westhouse’s team was scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but the new rules did not go in their favor. However, they were sooo generous to allow us to use the funds to build the houses.

Our 9th grade boys joined to Curt and Jeff’s team to help build 7 houses in Itzapa. They worked hard all day to complete the houses. They had a lot of fun also. Somehow the van stopped by McDonald’s on the way home. Plus they skipped school to go out and build. They were happy campers!

We are so grateful for the generosity shown towards these Guatemalans. Although we would rather have Dave and Donna’s team build the houses, we are thankful the students were able to serve their neighbors.

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