Quinceañera in December

We had the privilege of celebrating the quinceañera, a 15th birthday party, for five of our students. Karina and Veronica celebrated their 15th birthday in 2021. Cindy, Hilda, and Jenifer celebrated their 15th birthday in 2020. A 15th birthday is very special in this cultural, and we want our girls to have the joy of celebrating their special birthday also.

A huge thank you to Elizabeth Westbrook for organizing and planning the celebration on such a short notice. We originally planned for only 2 of our students to celebrate their 15th birthday. Elizabeth had people donate the full gowns for this event. She actually had 5 gowns donated, and chose to bring them all so we can be more prepared for next year. The day before the party, I was made aware that 3 more girls had their 15th birthday in 2020! All five gowns were needed!!! And it just so happened that Mrs. Sandra Wilson and Mrs. Ann Mann are professional seamstress. They spent Monday altering the dresses for the girls. Witney Edwards, a professional baker, made an absolute beautiful cake! Soy did an excellent job at buying lots of fireworks!

The teachers helped the girls with their hair and make-up. The North Americans, the girls, and the families enjoyed a traditional Guatemalan dinner of estofado, rice, and Russian salad. The girls felt so special as they were treated like princesses for the night.

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