Christmas Team Part 2

The team had a very busy Sunday.

They started the day worshipping with the people of Iglesia JET. Pastor Roy had the privilege of preaching to the people of Iglesia JET. The church was filled and the spirit was excellent

After the church service, the team had the opportunity to spend the day with their sponsored families. The team blessed the families with lunch at the mall. It is a real treat for the children to eat in the mall. Thankfully, we have a group of bilingual teachers who are always willing to help translate between the sponsors and the families. Having an extra 6 translators to help always makes the chaos a bit more manageable.

On Sunday afternoon, there were 22 pastors and their wives who gathered on Sunday afternoon to enjoy a traditional Guatemalan Christmas lunch. Bro. Spencer did an excellent job preaching to the pastors. They were blessed with a box of goodies and gifts. Thank you to each person who gave towards the pastors luncheon.

The church service, the lunch with sponsored families, and the pastor’s lunch was followed by a food distribution at the local fire station. Once again we focused on the senior citizens of the community. They were so thankful to receive the bags of food. We blessed 40 firemen with Pollo Campero lunch and a basket of Christmas goodies. We are always grateful for the people who serve our community.

We finished the day with feeding 225 people! This was our final night for the family dinners of Colegio JET. The team worked very hard each night to make sure every family felt loved. We were honored to have people from the community join us for dinners also. So many people in the community help us and we wanted them to be able to see our ministry in action.

Our Sunday consisted of passing out almost 200 food bags and baskets and feeding a meal to more than 300 people! It was a long, successful day!

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