We Believe in Home Missions!

We believe in home missions! We believe in serving people in our community, our country, and our world. We always ask people from the United States to come serve in Guatemala, but the Guatemalans have the responsibility to serve people also. It is not American culture–It is not Guatemalan culture–It is Bible–Plain and Simple!

For the past 2 weeks, our youth from Iglesia JET sold carrot bread to the community in order to raise funds to build a house. I believe they sold over 140 loaves of bread and we have people asking for more bread!

This is the first home mission trip for Iglesia JET youth group. The girls from the youth gathered at the mission house for a pancake breakfast this morning. They left around 9:00 and constructed a house for a family in need. I loved the fact that Iglesia JET’s pastor, Pastor Adan, worked with another local pastor, Pastor Luis, to find the need. This house was built by a group of young girls who are living out the Gospel! Pastor Luis graciously delivered lunch to the girls on the work site.

The girls returned home to take a hot shower and get ready for worship. At this moment the “Great Room” is filled with about 25 girls worshipping together. There are young adults and youth leading the girls in singing. In fact every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday a group of young people lead in worship. We are blessed to have another local worship leader, Danny, using his talent to teach people within the church how to lead congregational singing. Again, churches helping churches!

The girls will eat way too much pizza, play games, and talk a lot before they fall asleep. Tomorrow, they will worship at Iglesia JET and finish in the afternoon by passing out snacks and tracts in the local park.

What about the boys in the youth group? They will enjoy their home mission trip next weekend!

God used home mission trips, international mission trips, and youth camps to mold my heart more like His. We believe the youth. We believe God can use the youth to change the world.

We believe serving others begins with your neighbors!

(For pictures check out Soy’s Facebook!)

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