Our Christmas Wish List!

We love the Christmas season!   Every December a group of North Americans spend one week in Guatemala serving the families of Colegio JET.  This is a special time where the families receive a delicious meal, a generous food basket, a Christmas performance, and toys!   The families truly look forward to this week as a kick off to the Christmas season.   

We need your help to make this Christmas the best yet!   You have the opportunity to be part of making a family and child’s Christmas extra special with your generosity.  

November 15th is our goal to raise all of the necessary finances!  This will allow us time to prepare the gifts for the first week of December.  Only 21 days to make Christmas special for a lot of children and families!   

Our Christmas Wish List:  

Give a Toy–For only $5 you give a Christmas toy to a child.   For many children, this will be the only toy they receive during the Christmas season.  Our goal is to purchase 1,000 toys this year!  

Give a Family Food Basket–For only $40 you can give a food basket to a family.  The food basket will have basic necessities with a lot of extra goodies.  Christmas is a special time to eat lots of sweet treats, and we want our children to enjoy going to bed with a full stomach!  Our goal is to buy 125 food baskets! 

Buy a Meal–For $5 you can buy a delicious meal for someone.  They will feel special as they enjoy their entree and dessert while listening to children sing about the Christmas story.  Our goal is to provide 550 meals!  

Buy a Pastor’s Food Basket–This is so special to me because I understand the sacrifice provided by many pastors and their families.   We want to provide them with a time of encouragement in their lives.  We want to bless them with a special food basket for their families to enjoy.  For only $25 you can bless a pastor and his family!  Our goal is to bless 40 families!  

Bless a Widow–This year, we are going to bless the widows by providing them with a meal and a gift.   For only $25 you can bless a widow with a meal and a special gift.  Our goal is to bless 40 widows!  

Build a House–Do you struggle to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything?  What better gift than to build a house in honor of someone!   For only $450 you can build a small, tin house that will provide a family with a shelter for many years.  Our goal is to build 15 houses!     

General Donation–Every single penny given goes directly to Guatemala.  When you give to the general donation, we are allowed to meet needs at any given time.   We could write a book on how many times we are made aware of a need and we immediately take care of the need.   This is only possible because people give to our ministries.  

How Do I Give?:  Click on GRACE Ministries or SLAM to give.  There is a tab with specific designated gifts or a general donation.     

“Giving hands are never empty!”  –Shadya Figueroa

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