We Want to Be a Part of Great Things!

Do you want to be part of changing lives?  Do you want to impact generations?  Do you want to invest in eternal things?  

Over the past couple of weeks, I have focused solely on the wonderful teachers and staff on Grace Mountain.   Soy and I have a love for every single person who works with us.   Are they perfect?  No!  But we aren’t perfect either!   Soy and I have the privilege of seeing the many things they do behind the scenes.  We see their service when no one else is looking.  We see their willingness to do whatever it takes to reach others.   

You can be part of changing lives by investing in the teachers!  You can be part of sponsoring the teachers on a monthly or yearly basis.   You can be part of investing in teachers who invest in the lives of hundreds of children.   

How do you invest in a teacher?  Simply go to the following links to give towards the investment of a teacher:  GRACE Ministries or SLAM    Click on “Teacher Sponsorship” to give towards the ministry of the teachers.        

We are ready to begin 2022 with some new faces on our staff!   Gracie, Karyn, Tonya, and Sabrina will work with students of Colegio JET.   They spent this past weekend visiting and praying with the families in the community.   Grace, Karyn, and Sabrina have been working with the children for the past couple of months.  Tonya will begin working with the children in September.  Why not wait until January to begin working with the children?  We put a lot of focus on building relationships and trust with the children.  We know the need to feel safe and loved is a priority for the children.  The three month prior to the academic year allows the new teachers to build a trusting relationship with the children.   

Pictured:  Gracie, Karyn, Tonya, Sabrina 

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