Meet the Colegio JET Workers 6

Cristobal has worked for Grace Ministries for many years as night security.  He moved from the security position to full time groundskeeper for Grace Mountain.  A couple of years ago, there was basically only dirt where the school is located.  Now the grounds are covered with lush grass and beautiful flowers.  Cristobal takes great pride in his work, and he has a green thumb for gardening.   Rosa helps clean the school in the afternoons.  Her mild manner is excellent since she is raising 5 energetic boys!  Cristobal and Rosa are very positive assets for our ministry and school.  

Pastor Adan has been consistently serving in Iglesia J.E.T (Jesus & Education Transform) for the past 4 years.   For three years, he was serving as the associate pastor as well as working in the city.   In 2021, he answered the call to serve full time as pastor of the church.  He understands the importance of building relationships with the families in the school and reaching our community for Christ.  He helps out in countless areas at the school–from driving the van to teaching Bible class to cooking in the kitchen.  He is the first to arrive and the last to leave everyday.  He serves with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face.  His wife, Sandra, and three children serve in the church also.  

How is the church doing during the pandemic?  I am so glad that you asked!   Thankfully, the church continues to grow in attendance.   The youth group meets every Saturday night for Bible study, singing, and games.   The church meets every Wednesday night and Sunday morning for preaching and singing.  There is a sweet spirit among the church.  People are stepping up to the plate in areas to serve.  The youth group is about to have their first “Home Mission Trip” in October!   The church is doing great!          

Pictured: Cristobal & Rosa    Pictured: Pastor Adan 

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