Meet the Colegio JET Workers 5

Rosa started working  for Grace Ministries in May.  She is responsible for cleaning the mission house when teams are serving in Guatemala.  Although cleaning the mission house is very different from cleaning her own house, she has worked really hard on perfecting her job.  Her daughter, Rosita, volunteers to help her clean everyday in order to make it easier on her mom.  This past summer, Rosa and Rosita were lifesavers as they helped with cooking for some of the teams after they completed cleaning the mission house.  Rosa and Rosita both have serving hearts, and they are willing to help in any way needed.   Rosa takes care of her eight children along with selling vegetables outside of her front door.    

Matthew and Bonnie Cain moved to Guatemala in order to serve in the area of maintenance for the mission house, church, and school.   It has been very nice to have someone answer the call to any small or big problem that may occur.   Matthew has done an excellent job at organizing and preparing the tool boxes for all of the teams.   We received very positive feedback from the team leaders on how the tools are organized and prepared for building houses.   Matthew and Bonnie also deliver food to 22 children for GRACE’s feeding ministry.  This allows some needy children to have a hot meal three times each week.  During 2022, Bonnie will take the lead on working with the team leaders to organize everything prior to the trips.   Matthew and Bonnie live on Grace Mountain with their 4 children.    

Pictured:  Matthew, Bonnie, Rosa, & Rosita 

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