Meet the Colegio JET Workers 4

Telma is our Bible teacher for all of the students.   She became involved with our ministry through simply volunteering at the feeding center.  She has visited with families, prayed with children, passed out food, and served tirelessly.   She is extremely passionate about sharing the Gospel with the children and their families.   She pays very close attention to the spiritual and emotional needs of each child.   Telma is a joy to be around as she is always willing to serve.   Telma enjoys spending time with her 2 daughters and family.  

Shadya is our “wherever you need me to serve” teacher!  I have a hard time giving her a specific title because we use her talents in so many different areas.  Shadya has worked with Grace Ministries for seven years, which allows her to have a strong trust with our families.  She is high-energy with a very positive attitude.  I receive frequent messages from Shadya about needs in our community.  She is always looking for opportunities to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people.  Shadya is responsible for all of the PR with Grace Ministries, Colegio JET, and the community.  Shadya enjoys spending time with her husband and children. 

Lesly has transitioned from a teacher’s assistant to the school secretary.  Leslie came to the feeding center a couple of years ago to receive credit for practice in school and she has never left!  She is the most calm, laid-back female at the school!  She rolls with the punches and never lets anything bother her.  She handles every situation with flexibility, calmness, and a great sense of humor.  I depend on her to do a lot of the small details with our students, the Ministry of Educations, and the ministry.   Leslie is bilingual, and she is completing her university degree.  

Evelyn is the favorite among all of the students because she is the lead cook!  Evelyn has worked with Grace Ministries for many years as the cook.  She takes great pride in serving the children delicious food with a smile.  She understands the importance of the right nutrition in order for them to develop mentally and physically.  If she is thrown a curveball, such as no electricity, it never slows her down from doing her job.  I have complete trust that Evelyn will do her job with excellence.   Evelyn stays busy at her home by taking care of her husband and her 2 children.  

Pictured:  Shayda, Evelyn, Telma, & Leslie      

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