Meet the Colegio JET Workers 3

Pablo teaches science classes to all of the students.  If you hear a lot of laughter then Pablo is guaranteed to be in the middle of the group.  Pablo has a great sense of humor which allows him to be friends with everyone he meets.   He has a heart for serving the people of Guatemala.  He has a willingness to do whatever needs to be done in order to reach people for Christ.   According to Teddy and Eddie, Pablo will always be the “Teacher of the Year”.   Pablo is bilingual and he has completed his university degree.   

Eric is the newest member of our faculty.  His intelligence about technology allows him to instruct the computer classes at a higher level for the students.   He works with the teachers to use technology to help in strengthening reading and math.  Eric shares the same vision in wanting our students to have the same opportunities as every other child.  He has a love for sharing the Gospel through creative evangelism such as painting presentations.  He has adapted well to the craziness of our ministry.  Eric teaches at a university, and he enjoys spending time with his family.     

Brian came to Colegio JET as a part-time P.E. teacher.  His role quickly changed from being a P.E. teacher to full -time community school teacher to math teacher!  He has such a willing heart to serve in whatever needs to be done without any complaining.  His laid back personality makes him perfect for serving in our ministry throughout the craziness of the pandemic.   The teenage boys look at him as a role model.  He is always willing to help me with all of the extra tasks, and he does it with a smile.  Brian is bilingual, and he is currently studying at the university level.    

Chino was hired as a teacher, but his role has changed into an administrative assistant for Grace Ministries.   Chino wears a lot of different hats for the ministry and for the school.   He helps me with anything from the Ministry of Education paperwork to legal papers of Grace Ministries to family interviews to buying food.  Chino likes the challenge of being able to find a solution for every problem.  Thankfully, he has stepped up to the plate over the past two years in the midst of some crazy, unpredictable times.  He embraces the adventures of our daily lives, and simply laughs at the thought of having a “normal” job.  He is bilingual, and he has completed his law degree.   

Pictured: Chino, Brian, Pablo, Eric

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