Meet Colegio JET Workers 2

Delmy is our third grade teacher.  She has experience in curriculum development so she mentors the new teachers.  She goes above and beyond to help me with administration tasks, the students, and the teachers.  She works very efficiently with all of her tasks.   The students respond very well to the structure in her classroom and her delivery of instruction.  She is always willing to be flexible with a smile and positive attitude.  After school, she spends time with her husband, daughter, and new baby boy.   

Daisy teaches the sixth grade students.  She has been a constant in the lives of the students and their families.   Before the school was established, she was the teacher at the feeding center for every single child.  She has grown leaps and bounds over the past 4 years professionally, personally, and spiritually.   She goes above and beyond by serving the students and their families outside of the classrooms.  Her love for the students and families has allowed her to develop a strong trust with the community.   She is finishing her studies at the university as well as spending  time with her husband and daughter.  

Katherine teaches our seventh and eighth grade reading class.  Her love for literature drives her desire to see the children be successful in reading.  She is perfect for the teenage girls as they look up to her as a positive example.  She pays close attention to the details in their lives and not solely on the academics.  It is so important for the girls to have a role model who is educated, loves Jesus, and serves people.   Katherine is bilingual, and she has completed her university degree with a specialty in reading.  In her spare time, she is planning her wedding for 2022!   

Pictured: Delmy, Daisy, & Katherine

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