Meet the Colegio JET Workers 1

Heidy is our kindergarten teacher.   She has such a sweet, calm spirit about her.  For many of our students, kindergarten is the first time for them to enter a classroom so it is important for them to be greeted with a huge smile.  Heidy’s smile and hugs make the children feel safe and welcomed.  She has some energetic students, but handles their big personalities with such ease.  Heidy doesn’t become frustrated or frazzled about anything!    Heidy is bilingual, and she is continuing  her studies at the university.   

Becky teaches our first grade students.  Becky has a willingness to always be challenged professionally and personally.  She is very inquisitive and she likes to ask a million questions!   She is always willing to try new ideas, and she is not scared to step out of her comfort zone.  Becky’s true passion is evangelizing and serving through the community.   She loves to share the love of Christ with the students.  Becky is bilingual, and she is continuing her studies at the university.   

Darlin is our second grade teacher.   Darlin’s laugh is contagious.  Darlin has a ton of energy which is a good thing when you work with children.  Darlin has gleaned knowledge from the experienced teachers, and she has improved tremendously with her delivery of instruction.   She understands the importance of constantly striving to do everything with excellence.  She is an absolute joy to be around.  In her spare time, she raises her 3 children!  

Becky, Darlin, and Heidy

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