Teachers of Colegio JET

Several weeks ago, Teddy and Eddie landed in Guatemala on a Monday and they hit the ground running.  As they were waiting for their connection, my dad called and told me about a really nice couple he met in the Atlanta airport.   They were on their honeymoon and traveling to Guatemala for the first time.  They basically had no idea where they were going, where to exchange money, mode of transportation, etc.  A few hours later my dad called me and said that the couple was traveling to Grace Mountain with them.   Some of our teachers quickly became travel agents as they secured a driver to the Lake, exchanged money for them, and helped them purchase a chip for their phone.  Plus the couple was able to enjoy a late lunch at San Martin with Teddy and Eddie!  I text my Aunt Sue and mom and asked “Could you imagine spending your honeymoon with Teddy and Eddie?”   They replied, “Actually yes we can!  But at least we didn’t have them both at the same time!”  The couple was more in shock about how God was working out the details of their trip. 

A trip for Teddy and Eddie would not be complete without a million meetings on the schedule.   As our ministry has grown, we are looking for ways to make every aspect more efficient.  Thankfully, God has brought people in our ministry to help with the many things from finances to legality to team organization.  We are excited about the future!

Teddy and Eddie treated the teachers to breakfast and gave them gifts.   Does anyone want to guess the favorite gift for the teachers?  Candy!   They are like a bunch of 8 year olds on Halloween night.   It is hilarious.  

Teddy and Eddie met and interviewed several potential teachers.   We always ask God to provide us with the teachers that He wants for our students.  Our ministry is difficult and it takes very special people to work with our students and our ministry.  Teddy and Eddie did encourage the teachers as they have been so flexible over the past year.  The teachers have basically done whatever it takes to meet the needs of the students.   The teachers met with them one-on-one to discuss how our ministry and school can make improvements, and the plans for next year.  

As we discussed the past and made plans for the future, I was reminded of how God uses the teachers in so many ways.  I know how special every teacher is at Colegio JET.  I see the many things they do behind the scenes.  I wish every single person could see all of the extras the teachers do on a daily basis.   Over the course of the next week, the blog is going to focus on the workers at Colegio JET and Grace Ministries.  As you are introduced to each teacher, please take them time to pray for them by name.     

Why am I writing the blog several weeks after Teddy and Eddie left Grace Mountain?  It has taken me this long to recover from their trip!!!  Thank you to each person who sent a text that simply read, “We are praying for you as you have Teddy and Eddie on the mountain!” LOL! 

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