Celebrating Children’s Day & Chickens

Happy Children’s Day in Guatemala!   Today we traded reading and math for a lot of fun.   We had a day filled with nachos, ice cream, popcorn, cokes, and Taco Bell!  I wish you could’ve seen the faces of the children as they chose a combo from Taco Bell.   It was like looking through the Sears Christmas catalog and choosing your Christmas gift.   The children needed the extra food after hours of playing games, soccer, and jumping in the bounce house.   

We also received 100 chickens for our ministry.  Matthew Cain, the chicken whisperer, has worked many hours preparing nesting boxes and running water lines to the chicken coop.   What is the purpose of having chickens?  We are planning to allow work for some of the older boys, to provide eggs for the school, and to provide eggs for families in need.   We hope to expand our small chicken farm in the near future.   

To each person who supports Grace or Slam, we say a huge “Thank You!” I watched the children walk to the bus with huge smiles on their faces as every child yelled “Gracias”.  

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3 

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