Great Things are Happening!

Wow! Time flies when you are having fun! Or when you are extremely busy…

I am going to try to give a quick summary of the past 2 weeks. Last week, my dad’s group built a total of 8 houses. This kept them busy during the day. They returned home each night to host a multitude of different people. On Friday, the group hosted 24 local pastors and their wives. It was a really good time of worship with them. My dad shared a message for them to continue doing exactly what God has called them to do. Late Friday night, I received a message saying “God used this night to consult my heart.” The pastors were blessed to receive a special bag of food and vegetables for their families. On Saturday night, they hosted 20 of the teachers and workers for Grace. This is always a very good and very loud time together. On Sunday, they were kind enough to host a baby shower for our teacher, Delmy. (Delmy had her baby 3 days later!) On Tuesday night, they hosted a dinner for the local firemen. On Wednesday night, they hosted a dinner for the local police. They also hosted a “Family Day” for over 200 people at Iglesia JET. They passed out almost 500 food bags to families. This consisted of working through a local school, churches, and house visits. They cooked and served breakfast to the students at the school for 2 days and cooked lunch for the children 1 day. They spent invaluable time loving on the children at the feeding center.

When my dad’s group left, Bro. Doug Chapelle brought his group from Thelma Baptist. Bro. Doug’s wife, Mrs. Vicky, was my kindergarten teacher. Bro. Doug served on staff with my dad for several years. Who would’ve ever imagined that he would be serving with us in Guatemala?! We have a deep love and appreciation for the people of Thelma Baptist Church. They have been great supporters and encouragers of Grace Ministries for many years. They are a breath of fresh air for our family.

The group was able to build 10 houses in a small community near San Martin. On Sunday Bro. Doug preached at the local church and BJ Parson led in worship. After church, the team fed the people a typical soup along with an inflatable, games, popcorn, face painting, cake, and piñatas. They had 2 food distributions to bless 170 families They served bag lunches to the people working in a local dump. BJ and the youth worshipped and shared testimony with the youth at Colegio JET. The team also invited a special family to eat dinner with them. The mom, dad, and 7 children were thrilled. The teachers enjoyed spending time with the group also.

Overlapping the teams, we were able to assist another group with building 4 houses and a food distribution for 100 families.

It has been a very busy 2 weeks, but a great 2 weeks!

Update: I wrote this blog yesterday while I was sitting in the Houston airport. However, the internet did not allow me to upload the pictures and publish the blog. Late last night I received a text message about the passing of our friend, Perry. Perry served in Guatemala June 10th-17th. He and his wife were an absolute joy to be around. Perry was a man on the constant go. He was filled with energy, and he did not meet a stranger. He was very comical. He loved talking about his family and the Lord. Yesterday, his life was taken due to a senseless act of violence in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We are praying for his wife, Rhonda, and his children.

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