Busy Week!

We were so thankful to have Motlow Creek Baptist serve alongside us last week. Pastor Terry Rainey was influential in my teenage years during youth camps. He has been part of my life for over 25 years, and he introduced us to the sweet people of Motlow. Pastor Terry had a part in our wedding ceremony which was the best day of Soy’s life! Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Turrentine family?

Motlow Baptist, led by Sandra Wilson, built 4 houses in Santo Domingo. They evangelized both local parks twice. They passed out hundreds of salvation tracts and prayed with people in the parks. They fed the children at the school, and had a devotion with them. They participated in 2 VBS in the local community with a total of 200 children. They hosted a pizza party for the youth at Iglesia JET. They had a men’s breakfast and a spaghetti lunch for Iglesia JET. They had 2 food distributions. They fed the people at the El Tejar Dump and the Chimaltenango dump along with giving food bags to each family. They blessed the houses with prayer and a gift. They provided beds for a family. They even hosted a dinner for the Colegio JET teachers.

We are working hard to show the love of Christ to the people in our community. One of the teachers prayed with a lady in the park. The lady said, “Thank you for doing what no one else wants to do.”

My favorite part is always a food distribution. I have always liked them. We tried something different by partnering with the firemen and policemen. At the fire station, we focused only on the elderly. One of the government officials told us that he had been praying for God to send someone to help their community. Each salvation tract and each food bag had information about Iglesia JET. We want people to know that there is a church who cares about them. We love them enough to walk to them rather than wait for them to walk to us. The fire station, police station, and local government have always been so kind to us. We are grateful for their willingness in allowing us to partner with them.

The group did not stop. They must’ve been a really big group to accomplish everything, right? Only 6 people! They were debating whether or not to come because the numbers were so low. We were blessed that they chose to not allow fear of uncertainty to keep them from serving the people of Guatemala.

Our teachers were thrilled to serve alongside the team. Our teachers were willing to do whatever they needed in order to meet the needs. From translating to organizing activities to preparing materials–They are awesome! So the teachers must’ve worked during their “work hours”–Nope! So the teachers must’ve received pay for helping the group–Nope! They understand the big picture and are willing to serve in order to make a difference in eternity.

We went full blast last week so this week will be slower paced, right? Think again. Big Boss showed up on the mountain on Tuesday. Somehow this small group of 8 will feed dinner to about 30 guests each night and pass out hundreds of food bags. They will build 8 houses. They will participate in cooking for the children at the school. They will host a family day at the church. I am sure more things will be added to the list!

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