Piñatas & Wound Care

What a whirlwind of a week! My mom, sister, and 2 nieces arrived in Guatemala last week. My girls were extremely happy. My sister has not been to Guatemala in 18 months! Everyone who loves Jesus come to Guatemala twice a year. We had the option to just stay on Grace mountain with all five girls. After about 1 hour of running up and down our stairs, playing hide and go seek, singing and laughing at the highest possible volume, we decided to get off of Grace Mountain! On Sunday night, we told my nieces that they would go to school with my girls on Monday. Sydney responded, “It is terrible!”

Somehow we managed to cram a million fun things along with our daily responsibilities. Out of all of the fun things, the most favorite thing to do was play at our neighbor’s house. The girls made tortillas, ran through corn fields, and played with baby chicks. No toys, no television, no video games. They begged to go back.

On Saturday night I received a message that a child had severely burned his hand with boiling water. On Monday a mother told me about her child being in a motorcycle accident and he had open wounds. I quickly passed the wound care on to my sister, Daphne. She has a PhD in Women’s Health so I figured it covered wound care also.

No trip is complete without having a party with piñatas! Guatemalans take hitting a piñata very seriously. Do they allow only the children to dive for the candy? Nope! Our teachers dove head first in order to fill their pockets with cheap candy. We have never laughed so hard. Of course we had to have a Batman piñata and a unicorn piñata. We also broke 3 wooden sticks while hitting the piñata. The party ended with fireworks!

I suckered some really sweet Grace workers into taking my mom, Daphne, and all of the girls to the Chimaltenango market on a Friday! I also had a lot of people help me organize activities, buy things for ministering, work with the Americans, help me cook, etc. Our teachers are the best! They have begged me for opportunities to help serve during their off time. More on this in a later blog.

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