Spa Day & Soccer

We have the privilege of working with middle school girls. We want the girls to know that they are created for a purpose, they are beautiful, and they are loved. We had the opportunity to spoil the middle school girls this past week with a spa day. The girls did facials, painted nails, and had their make-up applied. We even had 2 beauticians come to the mountain to cut and curl their hair. This is such an out-of-the-box experience for the girls. Rebekah shared a devotion focusing on seeing your true beauty through the eyes of the girls versus beauty through the eyes of the world. My favorite part was watching the girls take pictures. They were shy and timid, however, they are beautiful.

While the girls had a spa day, the boys had a soccer tournament. How was it? They always have fun with soccer! The boys rode the bus home smelling ripe while the girls tossed their freshly cut hair around.

These are a few of the small things we do with the children. Thank you for being part of the small things in their lives.

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