Coffee & Casas

So many of you have generously bought coffee from us. We make a $4 profit on every bag purchased. We are selling the coffee for $10. This profit is used to help our youth group from the church build houses for people in need. We strongly encourage Guatemalans to help Guatemalans. We talk to them about being the hands of feet of Jesus in their own community.

Last Thursday and Friday, our middle school students built a total of 4 houses. The houses were built as a result of generous people buying the coffee. In fact we actually built the houses in a community where so many of our students live.

The students divided into 2 groups, boys versus girls. They were not afraid to work and they had a great time while doing it.

Interested in buying coffee for a good cause? I will have 50 pounds of coffee in the Danville area this week! Just let me know if would like some. Thank you for investing in the lives of people!

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