Serving on Grace Mountain!

Our teams may look a little different this year, but we are thrilled to have people serving alongside us. Nate and Danielle Miersma, their 3 children, and Bill and Jean Decker have been serving with us since last Thursday. They came with a very willing spirit to serve wherever there is a need.

They were able to see all of the children at the feeding center/school, visit the local market, and visit some homes in a local community on Friday.

On Saturday they built a house with Soy, Pastor Adan, and a few of our Guatemalan boys. Soy volunteered to be the “leader” which meant there was a lot of talking, competitions, and goofing around. Somehow eight year old Mark outworked the men on concrete duty. On Sunday morning the rains started to pour and I immediately thought about how happy the lady must be to have a concrete floor under her feet and a secure house around her.

On Saturday afternoon, Nate shared a devotion with about 40 youth. The youth played games and listened to a concert (LOUD!). They also enjoyed eating hot dogs and nachos & cheese.

Their Sunday consisted of worshipping with the people in Iglesia JET. Although it is a holiday weekend in Guatemala, there was nice crowd in church. Nate’s family served everyone spaghetti, corn, bread, peaches, cake, and coke. Everyone left full and happy.

One of my favorite things about people coming to Guatemala is when they are able to spend time with their sponsored child and family. We can not express how thrilled the children are to know that someone loves them enough to visit their family, pray for them, and help them. Nate and Danielle spoiled their sponsored child, Giovanni, along with his parents and four brother by treating them to dinner and the arcade! Bill and Jean spoiled their sponsored child, Josue, and his mother by treating them to dinner and the arcade! I am told that there was a lot of fun for everyone.

Today, they are giving our cook the day off! They are in charge of cooking breakfast and lunch for all of the children. They only have to prepare to feed for 175 children. No problem at all!

What have I done? I am from the Eddie Turrentine school of work–Someone has to delegate! It is exhausting to make lists and tell people what to do!

We have watched the Michiganders work for the past 3 days. After a lot of thought and observation, it was obvious that they are going to need a little help in order to finish strong. So we had no choice but to bring in a couple of people from Alabama! Rebekah Rankin and Alex Clark arrived on Grace Mountain yesterday afternoon. They will show the Michiganders how to work! Rebekah was trained under the leadership of BJ Parson–Need we say more?! When you compare workers from Michigan to Alabama just think about Ross Genzink and Soy!

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