One of the Many Stories…

My dad surprised us with a visit last week. A lot of times, I become so wrapped up in the daily routine that I overlook the things happening behind the scenes. We have so many stories about needs of the children that it becomes overwhelming. We choose to keep many of the needs private, but we are constantly praying about different situations. It is nice to have someone else notice everything happening on Grace Mountain and share his perspective.

Teddy’s Perspective:

What did I see while in Guatemala last week?  One of the most impactful things I saw was on Tuesday morning as I attended the musical worship/Bible study time with the older students.  I quickly noticed one of the older teens (thirteen or fourteen years old) who was very broken.  He could not prevent the tears from flowing down his face.  

I assumed that the Lord was dealing with his heart in regards to salvation.  After all, this was a week of evangelism.  I would quickly learn from Deidra that I was wrong – way wrong!

A few weeks ago, this young man’s family moved.  You may be thinking, “so, families move all of the time so what is the big deal?”  The big deal is that his parents told him they were taking their other children with them but he was old enough to basically “fend for himself!”  So, the family moved to a different location and just left this young man home alone with other family members living nearby.  He was devastated.

I cannot go into all of the details but this young man misses his siblings and is concerned about their welfare.  He is too young to have all of this weighing on him.  It broke my heart.  

Deidra is trying to figure out the best way to help this young man.  Would you join me in praying for God to give wisdom to Deidra and anyone else who may be involved in helping this young man?  

There are one hundred and eighty (+/-) children involved in Colegio JET.  Each child has a story.  They may look “ok” on the outside but so much is taking place behind the scenes.  Pray without ceasing.  

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