Coffee for a Cause!

One of the things we try to teach our teachers and students is about their Biblical responsibility to help the people around them. We always encourage “Guatemalans help Guatemalans!” We are trying hard to break the mindset of waiting on North Americans to serve the poor. Our goal is to have the youth from the church and the school to begin build houses for people in need. However, it takes money to build a house!

Coffee for a Cause! A local coffee farm (about 1/2 mile from Grace Mountain) has great coffee. We are selling one pound of coffee for $10! We are making a $4 profit from each bag that is sold.

The $4 profit will go towards building a house for a family in need. It cost approximately $400 to build a house.

Where can I buy the coffee? The coffee is being sold in limited locations! Grand Bay, Alabama–Danville, Alabama–Grace Mountain! Teddy and Eddie Turrentine are the suppliers! This may be the beginning of the “Turrentine Coffee Shop”.

Do we have a limited supply? We have 20 pounds in Grand Bay and 50 pounds in Danville. We will have more at the end of April and May.

Coffee makes a great gift! You are able to enjoy a great cup of coffee while helping a family in need. The best part is you are allowing the youth be the hands and feet of Jesus!

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