Guest Blogger Part 2

My plan was to write a second entry Thursday night but I did not have access to the internet and then I traveled all day yesterday.  Sorry for the delay!

I made a mistake in my earlier entry.  Each family from Colegio JET was given two bags of food on Thursday.  I had written they would receive one bag of food plus a flat of eggs.  They actually received two bags, one with fresh vegetables and one with other food items, plus the flat of eggs.  Those students literally had their hands full as they left GRACE Mountain.  Praise the Lord!

What did I see during my time on GRACE Mountain?  I saw the staff and teachers of Colegio JET, the staff of Hands & Feet Ministries and the staff of GRACE Ministries serving Jesus by serving others above and beyond!  What a beautiful sight!  

The staff and teachers of Colegio JET do not view what they do as a job but rather embrace it as a ministry.  They are willingly and voluntarily investing in the lives of the students.  One of the teachers who left another school in order to “teach” at Colegio JET because of the ministry opportunities presented two chalk talks on the resurrection Thursday.  Wow, what an awesome job!  The response was amazing (more on that later)!  

Bonnie Cain & Deidra Taylor cooked and hosted a lunch on Thursday for all of the staff/teachers of Colegio JET and GRACE Ministries.  I watched as the staff/teachers enjoyed the delicious North American food which included ham and pecan cobbler.  I watched and listened as the staff/teachers simply enjoyed the fellowship among themselves.  Excellent spirit!  

By the way, three or four of the teachers were late for the lunch.  Why?  They were helping some of the students get home with all of their food supplies.  Again, willingly and voluntarily.  Ministers!

Bonnie & Deidra baked a carrot cake for each staff member and/or teacher and gave it to them following the lunch.  My wife, Lisa, had prepared a small gift bag too.  So, this special group of people walked away very grateful and very happy.  

What did I see during my time on GRACE Mountain?  The body of Christ in action!  I was blessed beyond measure!  

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