Easter Guest Blogger!

Once Deidra told me that Colegio JET would be having an evangelistic emphasis Monday through Thursday of this week, I prayed and felt the Lord give me  confirmation that I needed to be present during these days.  Obviously, getting to spend time with Deidra and the granddaughters was a huge plus but the overriding reason I came was to be around the one hundred and eighty or so students involved in Colegio JET.  

This week is not about education but rather about evangelism.  It is not being sponsored by Colegio JET (education) but is being sponsored by GRACE Ministries (evangelism).  

What have I seen thus far?  (Too much to write in one blog so I may ask Deidra for two or three days to post entries.)  First, I have seen an absolute willingness by the folks connected to SLAM, Hands & Feet Ministries and GRACE Ministries to do whatever it takes to minister to these students – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  That begins with preparing and serving breakfast and lunch each day.  We are talking a very good, hot meal.  The children love these meals!

I also witnessed well over one hundred food bags neatly stored in a room along with over one hundred flats of fresh eggs.  Today, as each child leaves he or she will receive a bag of food and a flat of eggs.  Colegio JET will be closed for Spring Break next week so this food will carry these families through this time.  

Does the one bag of food and one flat of eggs really matter?  Well, I learned of one of the teen girls who had chosen to only come get homework assignments and not attend any of the voluntary tutoring sessions.  One of the teachers very wisely noticed a weight loss just a few days ago and talked to the young girl.  It was then that the teacher learned this girl and her family had basically gone for one month without any food.  The girl is now coming to GRACE Mountain five days a week to receive the cooked meals.  So, yes, I think the food bags and eggs are really important.  

Second, I have seen the staff members of the participating ministries connect with these students spiritually.  This has ranged from jumping with joy in singing the songs about Jesus to shedding tears while sharing with the children about the crucifixion of Jesus.  I watched as the older students sat in total silence as part of the story was being told on Tuesday.  Very moving to me!  All of the crafts being done this week have focused on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  

The students have been told what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  One of the teens came yesterday and told a staff member that he simply does not know if he is ready to commit to being a follower of Jesus.  That shows the Spirit of God actively working in his life.  Pray for this young man.

I witnessed one of the nights when Pastor Adan and a group of volunteers from Iglesia JET went into one of the local communities passing out popcorn, a flavored drink and invitations to the church service this Easter Sunday.  I think they did this four nights.  Praise the Lord!

As I watched these things happening, I was reminded of the many people who have given over the years to make GRACE Ministries what it is today.  Amazing!  If you have come, given or prayed then the things happening here this week are happening because you have allowed God to use you.  To God be the glory!  Thank you!  

If Deidra allows, more to come.  Blessings!

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