Got Leftovers?

In January, the Moline team led by Dave and Donna Westhouse, graciously gave us their team’s leftover food. We were able to give a lot of meat, vegetables, and various food to several families. We shared the food with one single mother raising five children. When I asked one of the teachers to help the little girl carry the bag of food, his reply was “All of this?” Yes!

After we gave the leftovers from the team’s dinners, we still had various pantry items. After some brainstorming, we decided to begin a food pantry! We always have people who come to the school needing some food. Obviously, we buy food for the school in bulk so it is difficult to share with families. (Pancake mix to serve 250 people is not really ideal). Matthew and Bonnie Cain (Hands & Feet Ministry) agreed to be the overseers of this ministry. We provided some start up food and they have provided the rest. They have given lots of food bags to families who need it. They have even provided food bags to the community leaders in order to give to the most needy families.

The Moline team led by Ryan and Melanie Bennink gave us a generous amount of leftovers from their team. One of our future goals is to provide weekend food bags for some of the students. We looked at the bread, cheese, turkey, cereal, and chips and we knew that every child would go home with supper! (Not to mention they were the expensive chips–Obviously I was not in charge of the grocery shopping!). Our workers prepared “brown sack suppers” for every child. It was soooo nice to see them leave with food. We divided the remainder food items between food pantry and school meals.

Thank you to the Moline team for thinking of us! There are lots of families and children who in our community who are thankful for your generosity! Your thoughtfulness is very encouraging to us!

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