It’s Just A…

It’s just a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that has walked miles down dusty roads or through mud puddles. Shoes that are usually worn out before they grow out of them. Shoes that have toes squished because they are a bit too little.

It’s just a sink. It’s a sink that serves as a hiding place for 2 cute sisters. Two sisters who are watching their mom prepare dinner in a small pan over an open fire. Two little girls who watch me walk to my car and then suddenly jump from the sink. They laughed hysterically because it scared me to death!

It’s just a child living in poverty. It’s a child who was created in the image of God. A child who was knit together in her mother’s womb. A child who did not choose where to live or what socio economic status to have. A child who deserves the opportunity to break the physical and spiritual cycle of poverty. A child who can change future generations.

It’s just a plate of food. It’s a plate of food that provides nutrients to a child. Food that is rich in vitamins in order to build the immune system for the children. Food that is used to help them develop mentally and physically. Food that silences the hunger sounds from the child.

It’s just a group of teachers. A group of teachers who have a heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus. A group of teachers who are not perfect but strive to live as Christ. A group of teachers who shed tears for the children, who constantly make changes in teaching styles, who build relationships with the families, who listen to the children, who pray for the children. A group of teachers who are willing to do “whatever in takes” to make a difference in eternity!

It’s just a toothless little girl who has decided to speak Spanish. Not in front of us of course! She would prefer to make liars out of us because we tell people that she can’t speak Spanish. However, she understands and speaks Spanish whenever we are not around. After four years, she has finally decided to like Guatemala!

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