Food Delivery Truck!

We are excited to announce a new part of our ministry! On March 1st, we started a new food delivery program!

Why would we start another food program? The harsh reality is that 50% of children under the age of five are malnourished. Guatemala is number 6 in the world for chronic malnutrition. The daily diet for the children do not provide the right amount of vitamins and nourishment for proper mental and physical development. We had zero intentions of focusing on any other type of ministry outside of the school. However, in January I watched 2 new students walk into the kindergarten class. They are greatly malnourished. Their 6 year bodies were underdeveloped. The amount of food served at breakfast and lunch was too much for their small stomachs. I knew that we would spend the first year focused on their nourishment, not only academics. At this point, we had to ask ourselves “Is there a way to provide intervention for future students?” The answer was obvious, but I felt our focus was solely on the current students at the school.

Could we really provide for 20 more students? I watch every. single. penny. We still needed sponsors for some of our children at the school so I was not about to begin a new program. One weekend my dad simply shared with the church the need for a few sponsors. To our amazement, we had 25 people sign up to sponsor a child! We spent the following 2 weeks with applications, house visits, and signing contracts.

On Monday, Matthew and Bonnie Cain (Hands & Feet Ministry) and our teachers cooked and delivered a delicious lunch to the children in our community. We can not be more excited about the future for these children.

(If you sign up to sponsor a child then you should have received an email with information and a picture. Please let me know if you did not receive it.).

How can you not love these precious, sweet faces?!

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