Spanish Teacher & Cancer Survivor

We are sooo excited about beginning our virtual Spanish classes in February! We believe this is an opportunity God is providing for us to financially support parts of our ministry. We also believe this is a great opportunity for people who travel to Guatemala.

Every participant will provide lunch for 25 children!

Angelina will be the director of our Spanish classes! She has worked at Colegio JET for the past year, and she has gone above and beyond her responsibilities. She has served our children and their families at the school and in the community. She does a lot of behind the scene jobs without expecting any recognition.

Angelina’s father is from the United States and her mother is from Guatemala. Spanish and English are both her native languages. She understands the slang terms in English! She understands the different accents! Why is this important? She will be to throughly explain the Spanish grammar rules in English.

We will have the meetings using the Zoom application. Angelina will be able to share documents with you as if you were in a classroom. She will also be able to record the lesson and send it to your email! Our focus is provide instruction based on your individual learning styles and goals.

If you are interested in participating in the 6 week Spanish class, please email me at

Angelina celebrated FIVE years cancer free this past Friday! Five years ago, the unknown of the future seemed a bit scary. Today, she is confident in her Hope! We celebrated “Five Years Cancer Free” on Friday night as she was surrounded by people who truly love her. We are expecting great things for the next five years!

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