Uniforms, Cookies, & a Van

It was refreshing to hear the voices of children and parents as they came to pick up their school uniforms! We spent this past week providing uniforms and shoes for the children.

Some of our teachers walked the streets of our communities for 2 days in order to visit the families of Colegio JET! The children were excited to receive cookies and to hear how thrilled we are to have them back at our school.

We purchased a van! It is a 2018 Toyota with good mileage. We received a very fair price for the van. We have already used it for a funeral and to haul furniture. It will begin transporting children on Wednesday.

The classrooms are ready to be filled with children. The teachers have worked very hard to make sure everything is ready for the first day. We will have a maximum of 10 children per every teacher. The teachers will have to teach 2 grade levels. It will be challenging but we are expecting great things.

Thank you to each person who shared kind words about Juanito. The family was very grateful to our ministries for the help. We used our cars and van to help transport the people from the house to the cemetery. It is a 40 minute walk! I wore sandals because it’s dry season and hot. On the way to the cemetery it started raining–hard! As we began walking to the cemetery someone stepped on the back of my sandal. My sandal completely tore apart. As I was walking barefoot through the mud, I thought “What coronavirus germs?” There is no telling what was mixed with the mud on the street. Ironically, we stood around a casket with some of the poorest people and I was the only one without shoes!

School starts tomorrow! We are excited!

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