Feliz Cumpleaños Charleigh!

In February 2020, Ethan and Brittney experienced the tragic loss of their precious 2 year old daughter, Charleigh. As they have walked through this valley, they have been determined to use their tragedy to bring glory to God.

On January 26, Charleigh will celebrate her 3rd birthday in the arms of Jesus. Ethan and Brittney are choosing to celebrate the birthday of Charleigh through giving to others.

From Ethan’s facebook page:

As many of you know, our daughter, Charleigh, went home to Jesus in February 2020. We decided early on that we would still celebrate her birthday and other special occasions as if she was still here. But instead of paying for parties or gifts we would take the money that we would’ve spent and donate it to charities that are directed towards kids. Her birthday is at the end of January we will be making a donation to Shining Light Abroad Ministries in memory of her. We have very close, personal ties to this organization. They help provide food, education and The Gospel to over 140 children in Guatemala.”

Ethan and Brittney are asking people to give a birthday gift to Charleigh through a donation to S.L.A.M. Our ministry partners with Grace ministries to feed 160 children on a daily basis. The birthday money given to Charleigh will be used to provide food for the children.

What is the goal? Our goal is $1200! The cost to feed 160 children for one week is approximately $1200. Charleigh’s birthday gifts will provide lunches and breakfast for 1 week!

Is there a better way to celebrate the birthday of Charleigh than to show love to 160 impoverished children?

If you know Ethan and Brittney, this is a great time to show them your love and support. If you do not know Ethan and Brittney, help us overwhelm them with love, support, prayers, and encouragement from brothers and sisters in Christ. Ethan and Brittney will be provided information for all gifts given towards Charleigh’s birthday.

You can donate at this link: https://shininglightabroad.reachapp.co/donations/new

Thank you Ethan and Brittney for allowing tragedy to bring Glory to His Name!

“We may weep through the night, but at daybreak it will turn into shouts of ecstatic joy.” Psalm 30:5

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