Teachers are Gold!

Our teachers are pure gold! The one good thing about the lock-downs during 2020 is that it has allowed us to see the heart of the teachers. It has taken them out of a work environment. It has allowed them to walk the streets and sit in the homes. They don’t only talk about the love of Jesus–they show the love of Jesus! Here are a few examples:

Every child at the school received a pair of soccer cleats at the end of the soccer clinic. We measured the feet of the children in order to make sure the size was correct. As one of the teachers looked at the shoes of the teenage boy he noticed the shoe was torn severely on the side. He was surprised when he realized the shoe was torn because it was a whole size too small. Please remember shoes are extremely important for our children. A lot of walking up and down the rocky, dusty roads The next morning, our teacher took shoes from his own personal closet. He washed them and made sure they were looking good. He quietly gave the shoes to the teenage boy. The teacher made no fuss about. The teacher did not seek any praise

For our application process, I ask specific teachers to investigate the situations of the children. About a month ago I questioned the teachers about one of students. Do they truly need help? The teachers reminded me of their situation last year during the application process. The mother had a job, but the father chose to spend his time and money on alcohol. The teachers were concerned about the spiritual influence within the home. This teacher looked at me and said, “But don’t worry I found the father a job in Chimaltenango. I check on him frequently at his job. His boss says that he is doing really well.” What?! The teacher made no fuss about it. The teacher did not seek any praise. The teacher actually gave me a look as to say, “Why would I not help the father find employment?”

It’s late at night and I receive a message from a teacher. She explains a tremendous need for a family in our area. Abandonment from the parents and the recent death of a grandfather left the elderly grandmother to care for the children. The following day, two teachers filled bags with food and made a home delivery. The family was so grateful. The teachers made no fuss about it. They did not seek any praise.

After a long week of work, everyone looks forward to a day of rest on Saturday. However, this past Saturday 3 of our teachers drove into the city with 5 cute children and one excited mother. It was the very first time for the family to ever go to the city (with the exception of the son going to the city with our ministry). It was the very first time for the family to walk into a Wal-Mart. Big Deal! The teachers shopped for new clothes and shoes for the children and the mother. After a couple of hours of shopping, the teachers took the family to San Martin! Big Deal! The children enjoyed coke and pizza. They were smiling from ear to ear. Our teachers spent their day off to drive 1 1/2 hours to Walmart, shop with the children in spite of the stares from other people, eat around a dinner table with the family, and return home after 2 hours of sitting in traffic. I wish you could’ve heard the mother telling me about her first city experience! The teachers made no fuss about it. The teachers did not seek any praise.

I did not expect to see such a visible change in our teachers during the first year of “school”. We focus on changing the lives of the children, and yet the Lord has made it evident of the change in the teachers. Last week, a man said, “Deidra people are starting to take notice of Colegio JET. They are talking about the change in some of your teachers!” If you invest in a teacher–Thank You! They are Gold!

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