Christmas Wish List!

We have watched God thoroughly bless our ministry over the past several years. As we have watched the ministry grow, we have also watched the needs grow. Over the past several years, it has become evident of a need for a 15 passenger van.

What would the van be used for? We have about 15 children who need transportation to the school. . Right now they walk down the long, dirt road and the daily price for a microbus is not feasible. The rainy season only makes it a lot more difficult. Fortunately, the church youth group continues to grow. The pastor uses his personal vehicle to make several trips transporting the youth. They have Saturday night church which makes it unwise to walk down the dirt road.

We are praying for God to provide the funds for a 15 passenger van to be purchased very soon.

How much will a van cost? We would to purchase a used van for approximately $25,000.

How can you help? You can give a tax-deductible financial gift to or mail a check to P.O. Box 513 Grand Bay, Alabama 36541.

We are excited about the future for these children and their families. God has great plans for each one of them. You can be part of His plan!

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