Colegio JET Bus Need!

Last week, we told of our need for a 15 passenger van for our school. We are grateful to have $8000 of the funds designated for the van. However, we only have a few more days to raise the remaining funds and we need your help!

We will begin school on January 11, 2021.  We are increasing by one grade which means we will now have kindergarten through 8th grade.  Our children will receive daily meals and small group instruction every day.   We will have approximately 160 children in the school.   

The parents are responsible for paying for the bus transportation to school.  We have been diligent in finding the best price for an independent bus.  If they are not able to provide the funds for the school, a family member can volunteer to earn “bus tickets”.   

However, we have about 20 children who will need to walk to school due to the bus not having access to their house.  They walk down the dirt road leading to Chimaltenango.   This is a lengthy walk and it can seem even farther during the rainy season.   We have tried to find independent transportation, but it is simply too expensive.   

We are trusting God to use His people to provide for a 15 passenger van for our school!  The van will be used multiple times on a daily basis.   The van will provide transportation to 20 students.   
How can you help?  Tell a friend!   Some people prefer to give a tax-deductible financial gift at the end of the year.  This is a great way to give!  
How much do we need?  We need a total of $25000.   Right now we need $17000 more in order to purchase the van.  
When will we purchase the van?  We will need to purchase the van in January.  
How do we give?  You can give online at the following link:  Shining Light Abroad Ministries Van Fund or send a check to PO Box 513 Grand Bay Alabama 36541 Please tell your family and friends!  They can give a financial gift in honor or memory of a loved one!  

Thank you for being a part of breaking the physical and spiritual poverty!  

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