A Freezer and Tortillas!

In July I offered sweet Rosa the opportunity to clean the school for some extra income. She began to clean the school, help in the gardens, help in the kitchen, etc. Most of the time, she has 5 of the cutest little helpers following her around. I went to their house the other day to visit. One of her precious sons was loading the baskets with cold drinks. I walked around the house and I saw a new, small deep freezer. Out of curiosity, I asked about the freezer. She explained that she had purchased the freezer with her money. The freezer allows her to keep drinks cold. At 10:30 each morning she walks to a nearby farm and sells drinks to the workers. She saved her money to buy a freezer in order to make some extra income for her family. With very limited education, she works hard to help provide for her family. We have so much respect for the fathers and mothers who are simply looking for opportunities to work hard. This makes my heart happy!

One day I passed Lydia and her children at a local dump area. I stopped to simply visit with them. I greeted them and asked them what they are doing. Lydia replied, “I am working. Well, it’s looking through trash but at least it’s work”. Lydia and children were working to find recyclables for a little money. We have spent many days trying to think of ways that Lydia can provide a sustainable income for her family. We usually buy tortillas from various places in the community. However, now Lydia is able to come to the school, make tortillas, and receive a little money. This allows her to provide some basic necessities for her children. Thankfully, now she works in a clean environment with loving co-workers and a delicious lunch! This makes my heart happy!

If you have supported GRACE or SLAM, you are part of providing Rosa and Lydia the opportunity to work hard in order to provide for her family.

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