A Recap of the Week!

We are not dare going to complain about being busy with a team! The Grace Mountain has been quiet for many months, so busyness from the mission house is definitely welcomed.

Last Wednesday, a team consisting of 6 people arrived in Guatemala. They hit the ground running with lots of things to accomplish. Ross Genzink and Larry Crawley spent several days fixing a water leak on the second floor. Every room has new sinks, toilets, and floors! I am grateful that Ross had Larry to help him or the job may not have been completed!

Pastor Abel, Nate Miersma, Amy, Witney, Gina, Teddie, and Lisa spent the week participating in food distribution at the Chimaltenango dump, building 3 houses, a men’s breakfast, soccer clinics, youth party, house visits for sponsored children, and helping at the feeding center. Somehow they even managed to have two Finca tours and two trips to Antigua! We are all going to blame Larry Crawley for the “detours” during work hours!

One of my favorite parts was having 3 of our Colegio JET boys build houses with their sponsors. They fed breakfast at the dump and helped build 3 houses. I caught them leaving the work site so I questioned where they were going. They quickly replied, “We are going to the store. Eli has Q1 and we will share it.” Soy opened his wallet and gave them all snack money. We later found out that they had been eating all day because every other person had given them snack money. It was a long day but they had a blast.

We were grateful to have the container arrive onto Grace property last Thursday afternoon. The container just happened to be in the city that was flooded by Hurricane Eta. The hurricane made the roads impassable and a main bridge collapsed. Mike Parker’s ministry worked tirelessly to have the container arrive in time for Ross and Larry to have all of the things for the bathroom renovations.

If Larry Crawley ever gives you a book then check every single page! It may pay off. Nate Miersma is on a very strict, healthy eating lifestyle. Based on my observations, I could live on his same diet for the rest of my life!

Every one had great attitudes, and they were very flexible! We are so grateful for people who are willing to give of their time, finances, and talent to serve people. Our ultimate goal is that every food bag given, every house built, every soccer clinic allows us to see people accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Every church and person who supports GRACE Ministries and SLAM makes all of this possible. As you look at these pictures either on our blog or social media, please know that you have a huge part in every aspect of the ministry. We are grateful!

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