Our hearts are overflowing with joy as we think about the soccer clinics from this past week! Soccer is one thing that will get the attention of the Guatemalans. Thankfully, Coach Abel came to host the first Colegio JET Soccer Clinic. There were a total of 90 students participating in 2 hour sessions. They laughed, they ran, they were worn out, they received lunch, they received a medal and certificate, they walked home with a new pair of soccer cleats, they heard the Gospel, they had a blast!

Pictures and videos simply do not do justice. Coach Abel did an excellent job in teaching our teachers how to manage the children effectively. From the youngest to the oldest boy, they had fun while learning a lot about soccer. The girls had their own session! Some of the quiet, timid girls were stars on the soccer field.

Thank you to everyone who makes this possible for these kids!

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