Congrats Jonathan!

Three years ago Jonathan asked if he could work for a couple of weeks to earn money for his family. He was an extremely shy 14 year old boy, but he needed to provide for his family. Somehow two weeks has turned into more than three years.

When Jonathan finished middle school, he really wasn’t interested in pursuing high school graduation. It was much more appealing to work and earn money. I had told him for weeks that high school graduation was an expectation, and the enrollment needed to be done before our family returned to the states for Christmas. We were about to return to the states and he had yet to enroll in high school. After a conversation with some tough love, he managed to enroll in high school within only a few hours!

Jonathan worked to pay for his high school education. We would help him with school supplies, but he paid for the tuition. Thanks to Anthony Shaneyfelt Jonathan completed two years of English school also. The vast majority of the time, he converses with us in only English. So now he is a fluent English speaker with a high school diploma!

We treated his family and a couple of friends to dinner at Pizza Hut. When he earns a University degree then we will buy him steak dinner.

If you have ever supported Grace Ministries or SLAM, you are part of Jonathan’s story. We have been able to be the “feet on the ground” but YOU have made it possible. You have been part of allowing a timid, 14 year old boy earn money to support his family, accept Christ as his personal Savior, serve faithfully in the church, earn a high school diploma, and have the confidence to change the direction for his life! Jonathan is the fruit of your generosity and prayers!

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