Smiling Faces (Behind the Masks)

We officially ended the school year last week. All grades and reports were turned in to the Ministry of Education. Someone blessed the teachers with a meal at Las Antorches last week. Another person blessed the teachers with pretty bracelets (think Plunder). It was a good time for celebrating their hard work during this crazy time.

This week the children have returned to Grace Mountain to attend “Summer Camp”. We have been very pro-active in making sure all safety precautions are in place. Small groups allow the teachers to effectively teach math, reading, Bible stories, and recreation.

My personal favorite part has been to watch the children eat their lunch. Yesterday they received BBQ chicken, carrots, mashed potatoes, and bananas. Today they received tacos, corn, black beans, and bananas. If the children want a second serving then they receive another serving. We laughed as we watched one of the young boys eat his taco today. You would’ve thought that it was his first meal. He couldn’t eat it fast enough. He finished his lunch with tomatoes in his hair and a smile on his face.

Thank you to each person who makes it possible to serve these children!

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