Pig Roast in Michigan!

October 25th–Save the Date! Tom and Shari Compagner are hosting the annual Grace Pig Roast in Michigan. The purpose of the Pig Roast is to simply fellowship with others, tell about the wonderful things happening in Guatemala, and to enjoy delicious food. My dad will be able to answer a lot of questions about traveling to Guatemala during this time.

What: Grace Ministries Pig Roast

When: Sunday, October 25, 2020

Where: Vriesland Reformed Church

Time: 5:00PM

Who Can Attend: Everyone! Whether you have never been to Guatemala or you have been countless times–Everyone is Invited!

RSVP: Contact Shari Compagner at scompagner@gmail.com by October 20th.

My dad will be preaching at Vriesland Reformed Church during the morning service on October 25th. If you do not have a church, you have an invitation to attend Vriesland.

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