Love in Action!

With very short notice, the girls and I returned to the states for the next few weeks.  No worries because Soy is in charge of everything!  God has given us some really good workers who are able to make sure everything runs smoothly.  They have a love for the students and the families.

One advantage to being in Alabama is being able to attend church.   Yesterday, it was nice to sit in a Sunday school class and worship with others.  The Sunday school lesson was on love–Sounds so simple yet it can be so difficult.  Loving people through actions.  Being intentional about loving people.  Loving people as Christ loves them.

We have challenged our workers to be intentional about showing love during this unprecedented time.  It is one thing to tell people about God’s love, however, we want to show people God’s love.   We will pray for them as we give them food.  We will tell them not to lose hope as we serve them lunch.  We will show love by our actions.

This past Saturday night, Pastor Adan served coffee and donuts to the local police and other government workers.


The man’s face is hidden because he was weeping behind his hat.  Our teachers simply provided him with a bag of food.


For about 2 months we have provided men the opportunity to work.  This allows them to provide for their family.  And every day they have received a hot lunch.  This allows us to build relationships with them around the table.


Not to mention the thousands of food bags and lunches served to sooo many people.  Our prayer is people will see the love of Christ through our actions!   Thank you for being part of showing His love!


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